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How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

imagesBed bugs are small, oval, brown insects that feed on animal and human blood. Even though they do not cause any disease or serious infections, having bed bug bites can be very uncomfortable as they are very irritating and results in itching and sleepless nights. In addition, having bed bugs is very embarrassing as people who have them are viewed as being unclean and dirty. But to get rid of a bed bug problem you need professional bed bug exterminator services.

Signs of Bed Bug Bites and Infestation

Bed bugs have a fast reproduction rate with females hatching eggs after 18-20 days. Females can lay up to up 300 eggs in their 18-month lifespan. If bed bug infestation is not detected early, it can become difficult to completely eradicate in later stages. Bed bugs tend to come out at night, as they are attracted to the warm bodies and carbon dioxide.

Having red raised bumps on your skin that appear in the morning can be a strong sign that you might have been bitten by bed bugs. This flat papule often results in intense itching and are different from other insect’s bites as they do not have a red dot in the center. The red papule are as a result of anesthetics contained in the bed bug saliva.

The most common sign that you have a bed bug infestation in your home is the presence of bloodstains and dark brownish spots on your sheets, pillows and mattress. Additionally, presence of a musty odor in corners and crevices of your bed and furniture is a sign that you have a bed bug infestation in your house.

How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Even though bed bug bites usually fade away in one to two weeks, one can seek treatment to speed up the healing process, relieve the itching, and prevent infection and allergic reactions.


Antihistamine tablets can be prescribed to alleviate itching and the constant irritation. Application of corticosteroid cream can also alleviate the itching


If bed bug bites result in infections, antibiotics are highly recommended. In the event the infection becomes mild, you might be required to apply antiseptic to prevent skin infections.

Allergic Reactions

If the bites result in allergic reactions, you should seek medical attention. You may be required to take corticosteroid, antihistamine or epinephrine injections to relieve allergic reactions.

Even though the bites and irritation will disappear after a while, it is important to get rid of the bed bugs in your home by washing your bedding, using best home remedies for bed bugs or calling a professional bed bug exterminator.

Why are Bed Bugs Coming Back after Total Annihilation?

 Bed Bugs Coming Back The bed bug outbreak continues to be a puzzle to the Pest Management Business. For generations,  bed bugs were frequent insects up till after World War TWO. Soon after World War TWO powerful pesticides including DDT and chlordane wiped away the insects.

For when the insects started to make a recovery in America, Europe, Sydney, the UK as well as other nations across the earth years the pests disappeared till the 1990s. Their cryptic habits along with the people’s ignorance allow the insects to go between homes and nations leading to global dispersal.

Vacationers carry lots of the insects across the earth discreetly concealed and undeclared in other and bag personal things. The bugs are present in 50 states in addition to Puerto Rico, Guam and American Samoa.

Soon after the summer Olympics in Sydney, in 2000, there was an episode of bed bug infestation, which specialists state to be the worst ever. Thanks to largely populated cities, international traveling.

Reasonable theories have been developed by entomologists while nobody understands the actual trigger for the resurrection of the insects.

The majority of the first infestations were connected with traveling, and several infestations in the 1990s were found in resort guest rooms.

We asked professional Toronto bed bug exterminators and they provided a summary of feasible causes contains: Read More …